Quick Weight Loss Tips

quick weight loss tipsWhen extreme fast weight loss is what you’re looking for then you have to follow some extreme weight loss tips. If you have decided to reach a goal weight for a certain date- it could be a wedding, your birthday party with someone special, or just your beach vacation then you definitely want to get to that goal weight as quickly as possible. But always remember the truth that nothing is wrong with losing weight rapidly- as long as you do it in a right way says Michael Dansinger, MD. He is the medical doctor for NBC’s The Biggest Loser show, which spotlights quick and dramatic weight loss.

It is possible to lose as much as 20 pounds in a single week following a very ambitious diet and exercise plan. Strong determination is also very essential. This is really hard to make a vast change in your regular food habit and routine. Believe in yourself; feel that you can do it. Nothing is impossible if there is a possibility.

How to lose weight fast

Losing weight is a simple mathematical formula: You need to burn more calories than you eat, and for this simply eat less and exercise more. “Dieters who follow the plan can lose 2 pounds from diet and 1 pound from exercise each week, and even more if they have more to lose, because the more fat you have to lose, the faster it comes off” says Dansinger.

Tip 1- Water

Drink plenty of water, Start your day with a glass of water. It will help to feel you better and maintaining a good stomach. You will feel healthier and fitter. The best thing about water is that it contains no calories at all. Stay away from sweetened bottle drinks, these contain sugar and sugar means calories and also try to avoid fruit juice for the same reason, instead of these eat fresh fruits which contains natural sugar although fruits contain fiber and a great source of consuming vitamins on the other hand fruit juice contains artificial color and flavor.

Tip 2- Foods

Try to include fruits and vegetables as many as possible in your diet. Having 5 or 6 small meals instead of 2-3 large meals a day is a great way to increase your metabolism; it increases your body’s fat burning ability. Having a low meal frequency means that your body is constantly is a “self preservation” mode. This happens because the body thinks it is being starved so it reacts by slowing the metabolism down in order to preserve energy. More frequent meal is better from a metabolism-boosting and fat- burning perspective. High-density carbohydrates include foods like bread, pasta, rice and cereals. They tend to cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels, which invokes the release of insulin from the pancreas, and then it stores the glucose. In order to burn fat and lose weight effectively, it is essential that you keep insulin secretion as low as possible. For best result you should add food items like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, capsicum etc.

Tip 3- Maintain a balanced life

Maintain a balanced life doesn’t mean to lead a boring life. Just follow a regular routine. Wake up early in the morning, have some exercise, take your bath than take your breakfast within 9am and take your lunch within 1pm, do not schedule your dinner after 9pm. Drink lots of water and take snack with foods containing no calories in between 3 major meals. Do exercise regularly, If possible and have time try some meditation.

Tip 4- Exercise

If you are really serious about losing weight quickly then you must be willing to incorporate the most effective principles into your lifestyle and exercising twice a day is certainly one of those. You need to understand the difference between exercise and activity. Activity involves body movement for example walking around a shopping center, gardening etc. Exercise on the other hand, involves rigorous body movements, which results in your heart rate increasing, your breathing rate increasing, your face turned red and you start sweating. The two exercise session a day must be exercise not activity. Some good examples of exercise are- Swimming, rowing, stepper, aerobic classes, brisk walking, boxing etc. Another important thing is weight training, many people neglect this component of exercise because of their belief that weight training will put on weight or have their muscles grow too big. When the primary goal is to lose weight, weight training is beneficial in helping you preserve your muscle mass as you lose weight. This is important because muscles is one of the most metabolically- active tissues in the body, which means it burns up a lot of energy, including fat. Do it twice a day to get the best result.

If you follow these four weight loss tips for extreme fast weight loss, you will see rapid results. Just be sure you are doing everything in the right manner otherwise you may fail.