Weight Loss Tips

weight loss tipsNearly 50% of the Americans require the best weight loss tips to counter the problem of obesity facing them. It is approximated that more than 50% of the population in the United States are suffering from obesity. This is a worrying trend that needs active and extra measures in order to curb this rising problem. To make matters worse, it is believed that if the population is not equipped with the right weight loss tips then this trend will continue to rise. To counter this problem, you need to know of the efficient and effective weight loss tips that have been proven to work and are advocated by doctors across the United States.

Obesity is a problem mostly associated with poor diet, especially taking of unhealthy food and other various foods that are rich in carbohydrates. In this age of technology, the internet is one of the surest ways to get information on efficient weight loss tips. It is also a marketplace where you can buy weight loss products that are known to work. This article takes you through the most recommended options. .

8 Most Important Weight Loss Tips of 2011

1. Eat more, never subtract

Start taking more of healthy diet and forget denying your body. Instead of subtracting, it is advisable to transition from diets that are rich in carbohydrates and switch into those that are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. A good example of a healthy diet is the Prasouda diet also known as the Mediterranean diet. This diet is popular in the Mediterranean region. The diet has beneficial fat, vitamins, minerals and extra active lifestyle.

“Taking more diet really works, subtracting never does,” argues registered dietitian David Grotto, RD, LDN, author of 101 Optimal Life foods, don’t forget to add in some physical exercises such as walking, riding, dance moves, shooting hoops or workouts.

2. Drink a glass of water before meals

This is one of the most effective but ignored weight loss tips. Drinking a medium glass of water before meals will fill your stomach thereby reducing your hunger levels, because when we feel hungered, your body is responding to lack of water or effect of dehydration.

3. Take a Walk

“Walking is an easy way to keep fit,” argues Diane Virginias, a qualified nursing assistant from New York. Walking is also part of the Prasouda diet that I mentioned earlier. It is always advisable to walk upstairs rather than using the elevators. “I enjoy even a five minute walk,” Diane says.

4. Avoid unhealthy food

Try as much as possible to do away with unhealthy food. Many of us enjoy taking this type of food and drinking when watching TV shows, cinemas when going for night clubs is not good to our body. Unhealthy foods contain a lot of calories that is not suitable to the body. Try as much as possible to do away with such kind of food.

5. Try Ayurveda

This is one of the weight loss tips. Ayurveda is not known by most people. It is one of the weight loss techniques that are classified under the alternative weight loss tips/methods. This technique is based o five core elements – earth, water, air, ether and fire. It uses a mixture of fitness, spiritual and fitness techniques to help you burn body fats.

6. Eat a protein rich breakfast

Taking protein rich breakfast is good for many reasons. Proteins will supply your body with enough energy for your daily activities and processes. Energy is important for the metabolic activities in the body. In return, metabolism burns fats in the body. It is not good to boycott breakfast in the morning. When a person wakes up, there is less energy in the body to support the metabolic process. Therefore taking of protein rich breakfast will serve balance the energy. Nutrients are beneficial for good health.

7. Exercise

Doctors and health experts recommend exercises as one of the fastest weight loss tips.  With proper exercises you can achieve your dream of losing weight. First of all, when doing exercise you burn more fats and lose weight very fast. Secondly exercises also ensure that you will not gain the fats back and thirdly, exercises are associated to many benefits. It is advisable that you increase the duration of exercises as time goes by. This is the surest way to keep your body fit. Take light food when doing exercises.

8. Try fast weight loss diets

Fast weight loss diets are essential for fast loss of weight. Examples of fast weight loss diets include cabbage diet, dukan diet, acai berry diet, HGC diet, Atkins diet and hollywod diet. These diets promise radical and quick weight loss. Users can loss up to 7lb in a week. Research has substantiated claims that protein rich diets are effective in quick weight loss.

9. Be Vegetarian

Try to go vegetarian at some time. Vegetarian diet is low in fats, contains vitamins and minerals and high fiber content. Your body requires needs these components. Going vegetarian is the best way to lose weight for people who love vegetables.

10. Include fruits in your diet

Fruits are an important weight loss tool. Fruits also have lots of different tastes to enjoy. Fruit based diets are one of the most amazing weight loss tips. In addition to the above mentioned weigh loss tips, it is also advisable to observe some of the following tips to avoid the yo-yo phenomenon. Gradually reduce calorie intake, follow a diet without bans, do physical exercises and practice regular weight control measures.

The above weight loss tips are very important. They can help you achieve you dream of losing body fats. However, no matter what type of weight loss tips you choose, remember that dedication is needed in order to lose weight fast. Aim to lose seven to fifteen pounds per week in the first two weeks and then aim at losing not more than three pounds per week. Quick lose of weight requires that you observe the above mentioned weight loss tips effectively.